7 Habits That Are Hurting Your Feet

In the human foot, there are 38 muscles (which make up approximately 25 percent of the muscles in your entire body) that absorb up to 1,000 pounds of force each day. With all of that extra pressure, having bad feet habits can really take a toll. Here is a list of habits that you may have, that are hurting your feet

  • Barefoot Running – Recently, there has been a trend that is all about minimalism while running. The use of minimalistic running shoes or even barefoot can be a big problem for people who have only ran in supportive shoes for many years. Feet that are accustomed to support while running, tend to have weaker muscles in their feet; Which can be a problem when barefoot running. There is no support and it can damage your muscles.
  • Skipping Socks – Wearing no socks may be comfortable, but it is also comfortable for bacteria. Feet sweat, and being confined in the tight shoe space creates a dark moist environment for bacteria to flourish. Bacteria causes foot funguses and can make both your shoes and feet to smell.
  • High Heels – High Heels are a great fashion statement that women have used for a very long time, but they come at great cost. High heeled shoes are very constrictive for your feet and can cause calluses, bunions and hammer toes to form. They also out your feet in natural angles which can throw off your center of gravity- making it hard to walk.
  • Can’t Remember When You Replaced Your Shoes – Every few years you should get your feet refitted for shoes, because your feet can grow with age (even after you believe they have stopped.) Shoes should be replaced every few months, especially shoes that get used all the time (such as running shoes.)
  • Too Much, Too Soon – Overdoing high-impact activities like running, cause injuries in your feet- such as problems with your Achilles. New runners often do too much, too soon and cause damage; this also applies to athletes who are returning to a sport after injury. Not cross training (alternating biking with running for example) can cause damage as well.
  • Flip Flops – Flip flops are very comfortable, and are the shoe choice of the summer- but they offer zero support. They can cause flat feet and also twisted ankles and muscle strains.
  • Ballet Flats – Ballet flats are a great option for women who need to look professional but don’t want high heels. However, they are just as bad as high heels. Ballet flats are a mix between flip flops and high heels. They contain the restrictive nature of heels, but offer zero support like flip flops.

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