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Dr. Win’s Revolutionary Fungal Nail Therapy

Dr. Berlin has recently been quoted in an article for Podiatry Management discussing Dr. Win’s Fungal Nail Therapy. This fungal nail therapy contains 1% clotrimazole as an active ingredient in a patent-pending, all-natural, proprietary delivery system and has many major advantages. It has been extensively proven that the nail therapy kills 99.9% of fungi on nails in one minute. No wonder it is considered a historic revolution in fungal medicine!  It is easy to use, penetrates nails and skin, and improves nails in weeks.

This product also helps to relieve pain and inflammation and even effectively treats athlete’s foot and ringworm. It is a multifunctional medication that can solve a variety of fungal nail problems. This product has been highly recommended and endorsed by many podiatrists, including Dr. Berlin.

Dr. Berlin has become the first national on-line retail distributor for Dr. Win’s product. You can purchase this product from our online store.  In the article, Dr. Berlin has been quoted saying “This is a safe, more cost-effective treatment with proven quicker results that can be applied with your nail polish.” Many other fungal treatments can cost quite a bit of money, so being able to use a product that is safe, efficient, and cost effective is a big deal!

This superior formula is also colorless, odorless, and 99% natural with little or no side effects and no expected drug interactions.

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