Holiday Feet

Holiday Foot Problems

The holiday season is right around the corner and as we head in to the final months of the year, we often think of family get-togethers, turkey and gravy, gift giving and a possible change of attire (depending on the weather where you live). What many don’t realize is that the holiday season may also involve spending extensive time on your feet. Whether it’s walking, or maybe even running, to grab those deeply discounted items during the holiday shopping craze or while cooking for your entire family in the kitchen, the feet are put through a lot of stress. Here are a few things to consider, ensuring your feet are pain and problem free throughout the holiday season.

Function Before Fashion

Throughout the holidays most people will, without a doubt, be visiting multiple events and outings which may be an opportunity to dress up and look your best. That being the case, looking your best in the shoe department may cause unwanted repercussions. Whether you’re heading to the local zoo for the light show or arriving at a holiday party, choosing function before fashion may ultimately save your feet from discomfort. High-heels may look great, but walking around a zoo for three hours while admiring the lights throughout the park could end badly for your feet. Be sure to think realistically regarding what you’ll be doing and how much time you will be spending on your feet and lace up accordingly!

Snow And Ice

While snow and ice aren’t concerns for those living in the south, say Florida, most northern states will at some point through the season experience those bitter cold days and nights which lead to snow and ice accumulation. As mentioned above, choosing the right shoe could be the difference between a safe experience outdoors or a sprained ankle. If you do happen to have a slip and fall and injury your foot or ankle, be sure to rest properly and apply ice until you can schedule a visit to your podiatrist. How ironic… fall on ice, injure yourself, apply ice. Stay safe this winter by wearing sturdy and well gripped footwear and be conscious of ice patches and slippery snow as you experience the wonderful seasonal events that take place around you.

Trusting Your Pedicurist

This may seem obvious but making sure your pedicurist works in a safe and clean environment is crucial to ensuring healthy feet throughout the year. The holiday season for many brings gifts, possibly a gift cards to your favorite salon! This brings opportunities to “pamper yourself” so what better time to get your nails done and beat the cold outside? Be aware of the safety standards and practices that your local salon uses in an effort to prevent picking up bacteria or foot fungi which could lead to infections.

Daily Checks

With everything going on, in between cooking, shopping, eating, watching football and spending time with family, we often forget to maintain the simplest of routines. Be sure throughout all the hustle and bustle of the season that you take time to check your feet daily. Cold weather and moisture can wreak havoc on feet so it’s important to ensure there is no noticeable pain or swelling, cuts, fungus or ingrown toenails which could indicate future problems.

Finally, if you have ongoing or even new foot issues that need to be addressed be sure to take a look at your insurance deductible before it resets at the start of next year. If you have met, or are close to your yearly deductible then it might be the perfect time to visit your podiatrist. Whether on a group or individual insurance plan, choosing when to see your podiatrist could be a money-saving decision which may help maximize your benefits. If you’ve been putting off any needed treatments, this may be the perfect opportunity!

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