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Nail Care: Your Choice of Nail Polish Matters

There is no end to the evolution of the cosmetic or beauty industry. Every new day comes with new trends and new products. One of those makeup and skincare products is “nail polish.” From the range of tints to the shifts in the techniques used for its creation, nail polishes have seen several advancements over the years.

What started in the 3rd millennium BC in China as an indicator of rank and dynasty has found its way on the nails of just about every woman (and some men, too!) regardless of their socio-economic status. Yes, even the social perception of nail polishes has evolved.

But before you grab the next nail polish you find and start applying it on your nails, stop and consider that this trivial act can lead to some pretty huge complications. The kind of nail polish you use and the ingredients it contains CAN permanently impact the health of your nails.

Your nail care products might contain toxic ingredients.

Initially, the colors used in nail polishes were produced from organic sources such as beeswax, egg whites, and naturally available dyes. However, over the years, harmful chemicals seeped in, and nail polishes no longer remained natural. As the product commercialized, manufacturers started using toxic ingredients to make more in less time and produce capital.

Some of these toxic ingredients were:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Toluene
  • Dibutyl Phthalate
  • Parabens

Nail practices to keep your nail healthy

For healthy nails, you must stay away from nail polishes that contain the toxic ingredients we mentioned above. Instead, you should make it a point to buy nail polishes that are made from more healthy and safe ingredients.

Always keep your nails clean and dry to prevent the growth of bacteria beneath them. And remember, gloves are your best friends when it comes to washing dishes and cleaning.

In your nail care routine, you should moisturize your cuticles with a moisturizing oil or cream. Your cuticles protect your nails from yeast and fungus; therefore, you should take good care of them and never cut them. Healthy cuticles also mean no hangnails.

Good nail polish habits

  • Apart from not using nail polishes that contain toxic ingredients, limit the use of polish removers too. It is a good idea to stick with acetone-free formulas.
  • Never peel your nail polish, as doing this can cause white patches and uneven nail surfaces.
  • Buy products from companies that manufacture health-centric products.

A Healthy Alternative

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