How to Pick the Perfect Running Shoe

Using the correct running shoes for your feet is the difference between night and day. Buying the wrong shoes can lead to injury, discomfort, or even end your running career before it begins. Here are some key points you should know before buying a new pair of running shoes.

  1. Foot Type and Gait – No ones feet are created equal, we all have different physical attributes on our feet that are unique to us. Therefore all running shoes are not the same. Instead of figuring out if you have flat feet, high arches, if you pronate or supinate, or if you are a heel-striker- you can get your feet examined by a professional at no cost. You can get your feet fitted at your local running speciality store to find the best shoe for your feet.
  2. Ignore Trends – Recently, there have been many trends in the running scene. Shoe companies have caught onto this and have created new marketing ploys and features. Barefoot running, spring-loaded blades, energy return lugs, thin soles, thick soles, etc. While all these are claimed to be innovative and new- you may want to avoid them. They can hurt your feet from lack of support, or not the right type of support. You want something that hugs your feet, but is also loose and comfortable for breathability.
  3. Functionality over Fashion – Once you know the type of shoe that fits your feet properly, you can go crazy. You want to find a shoe that properly fits but equally looks good. You never want to sacrifice how the shoe fits over how the shoe looks.
  4. Run Before Buying – Before buying a pair of running shoes, take a quick run in them. Many stores and companies will allow you to take a quick jog in them before making a final decision and purchasing. If you are purchasing online, make sure you are dealing with a company that accepts returns once the shoes have been removed from the box.

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