Winter Skin Treatment

The cold air from winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it dry, cracked and irritated. Here is a list of tips from a dermatologist on top tips for treating your skin during the winter months.

  1. Keep Moisture in the air – Our skin is like a barrier that holds water inside of our body; therefore when it is dry and cold- water evaporates off of the surface faster and easier. To prevent dryness from the winter weather and dry heat indoors, apply moisturizer on your skin after showering/ bathing and drink an extra glass or two of water. Running humidifiers are a good way to add moisture back into the air in your home as well.
  2. Use Gentler Products – Using gentler cleansers on your skin is a great way to protect it during the harsh winter months. You want something that will not strip moisture away from your skin (causing dryness.)
  3. Avoid Super Hot Showers and Baths – Taking showers and baths with super hot water, creates small cracks in the skin. If you do not moisturize as soon as you get out, these cracks are exposed to the cold air and can result in what feels like eczema or paper cuts. This is known as “winter itch.”
  4. Upgrade your Moisturizer – Switching your moisturizer during the shift between summer and winter is crucial. During the winter you want to use a heavier ointment, rather than a light lotion or cream. Thick moisturizers do a superb job of trapping in the water in your skin. Using products that have fragerances can also dry out your skin, so look for something unscented.
  5. Avoid Going Out with Damp Skin – Going outside with slightly damp or wet skin is no good. Just how your chapped lips form during the winter, the same thing is happening with your skin.
  6. Exfoliate Less – Using an exfoliator in your skincare routine is a good thing, but if you are suffering from chapped or dry skin- it can irritate your skin even more.

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