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Dr. Win’s Fungal Nail Therapy

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Dr. Wins Fungal Nail Therapy

  • Kills more than 99.9% of fungi in 1 minute lab tests (fungicidal) lab tests.  Conventional topical drugs only inhibit fungal growth (fungistatic).  |  VIEW LAB REPORT >

  • Rapidly penetrates nails and skin Applies directly over nails with no need for nail polish removal, or prior cleaning or debridement of nails

  • Improves appearance of nails in weeks for mild to moderate onychomycosis

  • Cure or near-cure generally expected in a few months depending on severity of condition

  • May drastically reduce recurrence rates Recurrence after conventional treatments has been reported to be up to about 40% – mainly attributed to their fungistatic or weak fungicidal properties. Because this formula completely eliminates fungi, recurrence of fungal infection after cure should be zero unless the nail is re-infected.

  • Simple and easy to use 10ml bottle with a small long-tip applicator for convenient application

  • Helps promote healthy nail growth May dramatically help shorten the time needed to regrow healthier new nails by up to 100%

  • Helps quickly relieve pain and inflammation

  • Superior formula is colorless, odorless, and 99% natural with little or no side effects and no expected drug interaction

  • Soothes and hydrates with virtually no adverse effects. Contains no alcohol or preservatives, and is non-flammable

  • Price and performance compares favorably to newest most effective prescription drugs, which cost about $1500 for 10ml, with mean cure rates after 48 weeks of daily application of less than 10% and 20%. In addition to a virtual lack of side effects, Dr. Win’s Fungal Nail Therapy costs about 30 times less those brand name products.

  • Prophylaxis: Application of 3-4 times a week should be generally adequate for preventing recurrence of fungal infection.

  • Athlete’s Foot and Ringworm: Due to its extremely potent fungicidal action, this formula should be very effective in treating athlete’s foot and ringworm; probably only a few applications are needed.

  • Podiatrist Tested and Approved
“Dr. Win’s product is a revolution in dermatology.” – WILLIAM, Renowned Dermatologist

Dr. Win’s can be applied effectively and safely over our Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish, allowing you to fight fungus without sacrificing style.

Price: $49.95

All our prices include FREE SHIPPING.

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