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Deep-Healing Foot Cream

Doctor-Recommended For People with Diabetes and Sensitive Feet

  • This doctor-recommended cream features mineral oil, urea, lanolin and vitamins A, D and E to moisturize skin, soften calluses and revitalize your feet.
  • Our special formula penetrates deeply to help heal dry, cracked areas-which is especially beneficial for people with diabetes and sensitive feet.
  • Also works great on hands.

Pumice Sponge

  • The Pumice Sponge works gently to remove rough, dry skin from hands and feet.
  • Sponge removes hard or callused skin from hands and feet with or without soap.
  • Titania Pumice Sponge – Made in Germany, works quickly, easily and safely to help restore skin’s natural softness.
  • Caution: Do not use if you are diabetic or if there is any inflammation in the affected area.

Foam Core  Salon Emery Board

  • Professional quality foam insert for maximum comfort.
  • Each side has a different grit and can be used for nail debridement, calluses, etc.