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Neuro-Eze Neuropathy Cream

Available in an easy-to-use measured-dosage pump bottle. Each bottle contains 75 ml (approx. 50 doses).

Especially formulated for persons experiencing the symptoms of neuropathy. Neuro-Eze cream transdermally delivers the essential amino acid, L-Arginine (many diabetics may be deficient in L-Arginine).

L-Arginine may:

  • Significantly increase oxygen content in cells
  • Significantly increase the temperature of extremities
  • Significantly increase circulation
  • Significantly ease pain and tingling

Directions: Before first use, pump the bottle 15-20 times. Apply one measured pump 2-3 times daily as needed. Massage the cream into the skin for approximately 2-3 minutes. Best results are achieved when used both in the morning and evening every day.

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