Party Season Foot Survival Guide

The holiday party season is upon us, this means long glamorous nights in equally glamorous outfits (and shoes!) But all that glamour comes with a price- your feet. High heels usually last long enough to take pictures before they start taking a toll on your feet. Burning sensations, bunions and hammertoes are just a few of the pain staking injuries from the tight-fit of high heels. But with the right preparation, you can take better care of your feet (so they survive through party season.)

  • Switch Up Shoes – You want to change the height of your shoes on a regular basis. By alternating between a mid-height and high-height heel, you are giving variety to your foot instead of wearing the same shoe over and over causing the same stress. Any shoe that has a heel over 7 centimeters actually changes the biomechanics of how we walk. Your strides become shortened, causing you to lose the ability to walk fast. Your weight is shifted to the ball of the foot, throwing off your center of gravity (this stresses the knees and lower back.)
  • Use Relief Pads – Burning soles are the most immediate ailment felt by high-heels. To prevent this, use a pressure relief pad (like a ball of foot gel cushion) inside of close toed shoes or a dancer gel pad in open toed shoes. The silicon in the gel holds your foot steady, which prevents your foot from sliding which also protects from friction and blisters.
  • Moisturize Your Feet – Using moisturizer on your feet prevents hard skin and calluses forming. It also can prevent odor, and makes your feet soft and smooth.
  • Condition Your Toenails – You want to condition your toenails. A great way to do this is use a nail moisture treatment which improves nail strength, and minimizes the appearance of dry and brittle nails.

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