Picking The Right Shoe

The Importance Of Picking The Right Shoes

When shopping for shoes, many people tend to prioritize looks or convenience over comfort. What they fail to realize though is that looks can often be deceiving. In other words, an excellent looking pair of shoes might give your feet a hard time if it does not fit correctly.

Opting for the right size and kind of the shoe will not only provide you comfort, but it will also aid your mobility and help prevent tripping and falling.

Not to mention the very real health consequences. The mismatch of the structure of our feet and the type of shoe that we are wearing can negatively impact our feet causing neuropathy, which is a painful and often irreversible condition in which the feet feel numb, or other foot pain. Such footwear can even cause foot structure deformity (e.g., hammertoes, corns and calluses) and impair foot function.

Choosing the right shoe without sacrificing the good looks

Despite knowing that high heels hurt, women still wear them. So, the idea is to choose the type of shoe that suits your body type to alleviate potential harm.

An ideal shoe is the one that hits the right balance of size and fitness. It makes you feel comfortable and at the same time, does a great job of grabbing everyone’s attention.

An ideal shoe should neither be too long nor too wide and must have an appropriate gap between shoe and heel and arch areas. That gap will enable mobility within the shoe, preventing pain and discomfort. To get the right size, you should measure length and width of your feet before heading out to buy yourself a new pair of shoes.

Buying the right kind of heels

Surprisingly, the intensity of the pain in your foot is directly proportional to the height of the heel in your shoe. Higher heels cause intense stress on the ball of the foot, apart from impacting the knee and ankle.

These days, brands have started using memory foam pillows in the shoes for extra cushioning to counter inward rolling and keep the feet firm in the right position.

Apart from heels, pointed-toe footwear is also a cause of torture for women’s feet. They force the toes to make do with a small cramped space in the name of fashion. You should avoid purchasing shoes that are extremely pointed and should go for a balanced design instead. This will help you steer clear of deformities like hammertoes and bunion deformity.

Take good care of your feet

Your feet are an important part of your body, helping you move from place to place, and often get little attention. Therefore, you should maintain excellent hygiene and examine them to check for any potential ailments.

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