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Foot Safety For Home Improvement Projects

When COVID-19 first appeared on the scene in 2020, many businesses were forced to close their doors and employees were sent home to work.  Since restaurants and entertainment venues also closed, people spent many hours indoors and at home.

Boredom can lead to creativity and one category that saw a spike of activity was the area of home improvement.  Remodeling, and refinishing became a great way for people to invest the money saved from other activities and created a way to beat the “at-home” blues.

Fun and rewarding as they can be, certain home improvement projects can be dangerous. Here are some tips to prevent foot injury during home improvement projects.

Put your best ‘foot’ forward!

We always remember to put on our safety eyewear and gloves but often neglect our feet. This leaves our feet more exposed to injuries like puncture wounds, fractures, and sprains.

The only “sure” way of protecting your feet is to wear proper footwear. Of course, you cannot climb ladders with your ballerinas on! You need a proper pair of shoes for good grip and optimum comfort.

Ideal footwear for home improvement projects include:

  • Steel-toed shoes: Steel toes withstand up to 75 pounds of pressure — yes, your toes are surely protected in these. Shoes with steel toes provide protection in case of falls or slips but particularly in the event something is dropped. Apart from offering safety, a proper pair can provide comfort.
  • Slip and puncture-resistant soles: Many home improvement projects involve the use of sharp objects like nails. These objects can harm your foot if you step on them. This is when shoes with slip and puncture-resistant soles come in handy. As the name implies, puncture-resistant soles are strong enough to prevent any sharp object from passing through them or puncture them. This means that your feet stay protected at all times. On the other hand, the slip resistance protects you from slipping and falling.
  • Non-synthetic materials: Depending on the project, you might want to invest in a pair of shoes made from leather or canvas. After all, both of these materials give your feet more room to breathe and minimize the risk of sweaty feet. This, in turn, keeps you from developing fungal infections like Athlete’s foot (or tinea pedis).

In case of an injury, seek medical help

In case your feet do get hurt, sturdy, perfectly-fitted shoes can help to minimize the severity of your injury. However, to be on the safe side, visit your nearest podiatrist. They will examine your foot and let you know the correct course of treatment.


Home improvement projects are not always as easy as they seem, and preventative measures are the only way to ensure safety. For maximum protection, invest in a pair of shoes with the features we mentioned above before you pick up your drill and hammer.  This will considerably reduce your risk of suffering an injury and ensure your home improvement project has a satisfactory end — and not a painful one.

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